Counter Sketch Examples

We collected a few examples of our work that was made with Counter Sketch software. These examples include some shots of the software itself and of course some examples of the rings that were made with Counter Sketch. These images will give you an idea of the possibilities that Counter Sketch has and will also be an inspiration, if you are planning to customize your own engagement ring with Counter Sketch. Enjoy the collection.

Counter Sketch screenshots.
The screenshots show what the software looks like on a computer screen. You see a lot of buttons that can be used to edit and design the ring, setting and diamond. It also shows the beautiful graphics that Counter Sketch offers us.

Interface Screen 2

Interface Screen 4

Interface Screen 5

Counter Sketch engagement ring examples.
These diamond engagement rings are examples and all completly made with Counter Sketch Studio. It shows how bright the output image of the rings are and how detailed we can look at what we designed. Every single little details is customizable. Can you imagine? You can make it exactly the way you like it, all on one screen.

Design 1 Starting Point Model 1000X1000

Design 2 Starting Point Model 1000X1000

Design 3 Starting Point Model 1000X1000

Video of  Counter Sketch Studio in action.
The video shows beautifully how the Counter Sketch software really works. It shows us how to navigate, how to view a very wide selection in the catalog (including rings, settings and diamonds) and it shows us how we are able to edit every single detail. Check it out and make sure you contact us if you would like to try this yourself.

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